The Art of the Subwoofer


November 30, 2015

Subwoofers, with most music lovers, suffer an undeservedly bad rap.  Likely due to incompetent ones, misadjusted and overwrought, used in home theaters, the topic brings sneers and jeers from most music-oriented enthusiasts.  This is a real shame, as a properly designed and set up (it takes both) subwoofer is an indispensable boon to virtually all music systems.

This point was brought home again this past Thanksgiving Eve as I delivered and set up a REL T7 to invisibly bury inside Matt’s beautifully home-built, and properly vented, corner stereo cabinet.  First, I performed a MASTERS set on his Vandersteen VLR Woods, then further employed the SUMIKO school to dial the subwoofer to the speakers. This brought immeasurable improvements to literally every element of the music.  Of course, bass extension and dynamics get monstrously better, but the dramatic increase in tonal color palette, textural definition and sheer speakers-disappearing, jaw-dropping space and imaging are completely unexpected benefits that appear immediately and enchant forever.

Upon completion of my dial-in, we invited Matt’s neighbor, also a music lover, up to join us to hear the fruits of the new addition and, although I had finished my setup by 6:30, it was suddenly 11:30 before I remembered I had responsibilities the next day!  I took my leave, but I have no idea when the others called it quits.  A great time was had by all.

Vandersteen and REL subs are the two brands that can deliver this level of magic.  You really ought to hear them.  Your sneer will quickly become a smile!

Kaitlyn Herzog