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Why we do what we do & why you should care.

A piece written in 2012 that accurately depicts our work ethic to this day.


Jonathan Spelt

After working at and running similar businesses for almost 20 years, Jon opened Ultra Fidelis from his home in 1997.  His love of music combined with a fascination with how much more effectively a really good system conveys emotion has kept him from doing anything else for a living for almost 40 years. He strives to bring unparalleled performance to our music and theater systems through all facets of the business- from careful line selection all the way to final dial-in in your home.  Away from the business, he (still) loves listening to music, cycling, spectating in various forms of motorsport, and letting his girlfriend convince him that travel has its merits.

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Scott Wilson

Scott is a self-described “music lover first and audiophile second," but has been a passionate partner in Ultra Fidelis since retiring from the corporate world almost two decades ago. Now handling all of our financial and administrative functions remotely from southwest Colorado, he enjoys kayaking, cycling, skiing, and hiking when he’s not listening to music or paying the bills.

He has also been known to occasionally “Magoo” his way into a sale or two.


Bob Dizack

With over 45 years of experience in loudspeaker design, and audio equipment sales and service, Bob is responsible for custom in-field installation, sales and repair services. Dedicated to long-term customer satisfaction, he is meticulous and thorough; the word “adequate” is not in his vocabulary.

When he's not tweaking or listening to his home HiFi system, he enjoys spending time working on vintage automobiles and restoring vacuum tube electronics.

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Josh grebe

With a solid engineering background already under his belt, Josh brings a youthful enthusiasm for challenging projects as well as a wealth of experience, particularly in programming and control.  Directly prior, he managed A/V technology for a major university, but enjoys the opportunity for greater creative freedom and more contact with the public that retail offers.  He is also a musician, music lover and audiophile, and proved he could fit right in by jumping in feet first at AXPONA 2018.  Josh spends his free time listening to music or playing guitar, running A/V at his church and raising a young daughter with his wife. 


Where We've Been

We’ve traveled far and wide to ply our trade at the request of our customers. While the lion’s share of our business is concentrated in Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois, we have earned the longstanding loyalty of customers from coast to coast…many of whom got to know us locally and others who did not. Our unique complement of skills and experience makes us the natural choice for music and theater integration projects, large and small, irrespective of location.

Seattle, San Francisco, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Durango, Boulder, Telluride, Denver, Phoenix, Tucson, Seattle, Madison, Lake Geneva, Milwaukee, Chicago, Kokomo, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Houston, Austin, Knoxville, Orlando, Miami, Raleigh, Pawleys Island, SC., Philadelphia, Boston, Fairfield, CT. 



"I am exceedingly grateful for the great care, products and support of Jonathan and the Ultra Fidelis team which has improved a very important aspect of my life: the wonder of faithfully reproduced music."