Fall, huh?

Despite the return of summer for a few days here, that weekend dip into more fall-like weather was enough to snap me into “music mode.”  Actually, I’ve been there for a few weeks during which time I’ve added an AMG Giro to my system and gotten my Aurender N10 back after a brief, but hard to endure absence.   Then Scott added fuel to the re-kindled fire by enlisting me as his remote research department while he was attending the Austin Record Show.  I have really fond memories of the couple times I was there with him and got to vicariously relive them this weekend.   

You may observe that you are reading this from a new website.  Kaitlyn convinced us our previous site was a little dated in addition to being cantankerous to manage.  When I saw what she was proposing, I was instantly converted.  She’s done a ton of work to switch us over, and the results are fantastic.   

But don’t worry; we’ve saved the things you may enjoy visiting or re-visiting when you have the time in the “Old School” section at the top right, and we will be adding content more frequently.  In addition you will be able to access the other sections of the web site directly.  It’s streamlined and gorgeous! 

Also, please note that we have somewhat accidentally had two Facebook pages.  Ultra Fidelis is the real one that is kept current.  We will be shutting down Fidelis Staff very soon, so please be sure to like us on Ultra Fidelis to stay connected. 

Lastly, several people, from time to time ask me what I’ve been listening to lately and, embarrassingly often, that question seems to trigger a mental data erasure as though they had said, “And what WERE you doing on the night of Saturday, June 19, 1982??”  My stare goes blank, my face turns red, and my mind races to come up with an answer.  I don’t know why, but it’s not because I haven’t been listening to music.  I must be getting old.  So, in an effort to help me have ready answers, I’m going to append a small list to the end of each Musing.  Maybe by doing so, they’ll stick in my head.  Somehow, I doubt it. 


Recently heard- 

Doc and Merle Watson 

Never The Same Way Once- Live at the Board House 

7 CD set 


Jerry Garcia and David Grisman

Shady Grove 

MoFi LP 


Thelonious Monk 

Big Band and Quartet In Concert 

ORG Music LP 


Max Richter 

Songs From Before 



The Replacements 

All Shook Down 

ORG Music LP 



A Moon Shaped Pool 

Deluxe LP 


Stan Getz and Kenny Barron 

People Time (Complete) 

7 CD set 


Bela Bartok/Music For Strings, Percussion and Celesta 

Ozawa/Boston Symphony 


Kaitlyn Herzog