Ultra Fidelis
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We are passionate about music and movies and that passion is the foundation of our business. We believe, when it comes to in-home enjoyment of the recorded arts, that the medium influences the message in important ways and that the better, and more transparent, our audio and video playback systems are, the more they allow us to be stimulated emotionally by the art they present. 





Knowledge, and the hands-on experience to apply it, are perhaps our single most valuable asset. It’s why our reputation, as well as our abilities, extend nation-wide.



We made our name designing, selling and installing the finest free-standing hi-fi and home theater systems to clientele from coast to coast, so, no matter how far your passion drives you in the search for performance, we can handle it. 


Trusted reseller

We accept, and offer for sale, only the highest quality trade-ins from our customers, and that only after they have gone through a rigorous evaluation and reconditioning process.